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On my first day I procured a driver to take me out to Ubud. I needed to see Ketut from the motion picture Eat, Pray, Love. I needed a perusing from him. When I informed my driver regarding my arrangements he began chuckling and said you westerners are insane, all of you need to take a brief trip and see this man. The driver prompted me that it is normally a three hour hold on to see Ketut, and clearly this purported ace tells everybody a similar thing. Well I chose to go to the monkey timberland, so I never truly seen whether the driver was disclosing to me some sham untruth or not.

The following day I found the most astounding spa and back rub place covered up down some sewer smelling Tamba Waras. I burned through three great hours enjoying blossom showers, pedicures and back rubs – it was unadulterated ecstasy and shabby. As I was leaving I saw a handcrafted sign publicizing contemplation and pranic healing. I didn’t know what I would be in for, however I thought what the hell, experience everything once I state.

So fortune have it, there was one spot accessible for me to have a session and that session was to be “now”. The men of their word at the counter driven me up the stairs to “the room”. Out of sight there was some inborn new age music playing, the smell of incense was stalling out in the back of my throat and there were all these odd statues of divine beings taking a gander at me while I was sitting awkwardly on some yogi tangle hanging tight for “The Master”.

I heard some singing pursued by certain strides up the stairs. I swung to see it’s identity and I was welcomed was a fortysomething Balinese man wearing a purple hibiscus sarong. I in a split second idea he was on siestas and had got lost on his way to the back rub room.

He welcomed me with a major lively “You should be Claire” and afterward “hi I am Ketut”. I quickly rose to his consideration and sat up straight as I took a gander at him with carefulness. The contemplations “this can’t be, where is his robe” flashed through my head. I truly thought this person was taking advantage of my edgy westerner ass, as he didn’t resemble any “ace” to me. What’s more for what reason was his name Ketut? That was the name of the ace in Ubud.

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